A cash-strapped council are considering a rise in parking fees across their roads and car parks.

On May 3, Slough Borough Council gave notice of intent to raise parking costs.

The increase in cost ranges from 30p to £2.

In Buckingham Gardens and Burlington Car Park, parking currently costs £1 for each hour starting at £1.20. Under the changes this will become 30p more, starting at £1.50 for an hour.

Burnham Lane Car Park is also moving from £5 for 24 hours to £7 and Herschel Street will be increasing by £1.

Meanwhile, season ticket holders can expect to pay between £80 and £110 more each month.

The Slough Borough Council document which outlines the proposed changes states: "The Council’s budget review identified that it was necessary to increase parking fees and charges to meet rising costs, including those for the Borough’s car parks.

"There had been significant increases in inflation and maintenance costs for the car parks, the off-street charges had not been revised since 2021.

"Furthermore, with the Council’s aspiration to promote alternative modes of transport and changing travel behaviour, it was necessary to take into account these aspects as well as the increased costs of running the service."

On-street parking is also to see a rise of 20p per hour. Currently, street parking in zone A is 80p for 30 minutes and £1.80 for one hour, £2.80 for two hours.

The council is now set to round parking fees up to the nearest pound across the board.

This means parking for 30 minutes on a street could cost £1, an hour £2 and two hours £3.

The council justify the rise by saying: "With more Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) being introduced across the Borough, it is clear that in order to change travel behaviour and reduce the number of vehicles households are purchasing, as well as limiting carbon emissions, permit charges should not remain at 2021 levels.

"It is also very clear that to support the enforcement and maintenance of the CPZs, costs have increased over the years and should be funded to a greater extent by fees and charges rather than adding to the pressure on other parts of the budget."

To have your say on the proposals, email Slough Borough Council at parking.consultations@slough.gov.uk

To view the parking proposals in full visit slough.gov.uk/public-notices-2/public-notices-orders/3