Two local men have shared their pride after launching their own video game.

Sem Essessi, 40, and Imkan Hayati, 46, have both been passionate about gaming since childhood and having gained experience in the industry, decided to take the reins and make their own game.

Together they formed Red Marmoset Studios, an Indie start-up and in April, their long-term project, Bad Blood 1926 came out as a demo version.

Speaking of the launch of Studios, Sem said: "It was exciting and nerve-wracking to have that level of responsibility."

The pair combined their knowledge, with Sem saying together they are "a great match of minds", to make a unique game that is "like nothing else out there".

Centred around key events that happened in 1926 with regards to the FBI, Bad Blood channels Sem and Imkan's passion for comic book visuals, art deco and first-person shooters. 

The demo available to the public is the complete second level of the game, which Semi has said has been received well by players, who have left "overwhelmingly positive" feedback.

The pair have been working on the game for two years, with a goal of a fully developed game hitting the shelves in 2026.

"It has been an interesting journey. This is the game we are the proudest of being a part of. We both feel that we have been able to deliver on our hopes and dreams with something fun and beautiful.

"I absolutely love it. I am incredibly proud of what we have been able to deliver."

Slough Observer:

Sem has been writing computer code since he was just eight years old, having been educated at Langley Grammar School.

Imkan moved to Slough at age and found his passion for video games during childhood and at Windsor Boys’ School as a teenager.

Speaking of his childhood, Imkan said: "I have fond memories of the times me and my friends would come to Slough High Street to check out the new video game releases in some of the local stores or go to the cinema."

"My first game-related job was at the 'Electronics Boutique' in Slough, selling rather than making them.

"However, I soon landed a dream job at 'Lionhead Studios' in Guildford, Surrey, where I worked on 'Black & White 2' and 'Fable 2'."

The pair met at 'Codemasters' Guildford and later gained investment to start their own company in 2021. Together they have experience across PC, console and mobile phone games.

"That’s where we are today. Setting up our office in the town that we lived and loved for many years," Imkan said.

The pair added: "Our vision is to craft titles that combine exciting and unique action gameplay with stunningly iconic visual styles, to create games that immerse players in a fun and fresh experience."

For anyone looking to get into game design, Sem advises to get ahead by creating games and samples outside of any courses.