After dozens of rumours circulating that a popular shoe shop in Maidenhead may be closing, it has since been confirmed by the brand that they are staying open after all. 

Clarks shoe shop in Maidenhead will be serving customers for the foreseeable future after a spokesperson for the brand confirmed that the store is not closing. 

Reports had previously arisen that the shelves in the shop were becoming quite bare, leading to many assuming that they were preparing for closure. 

A spokesperson for the brand said the following statement: “Clarks confirms that their Maidenhead store will not be closing.”

This comes as despite the much-loved Clarks shoe shop in Newbury unexpectedly closing, shoppers will be happy to hear that the Reading store will also remain open. 

Locals had noticed that Newbury's branch of the popular shoe shop had suddenly shut up store with many expressing their upset on the matter.

However, an employee at the Clarks branch in Reading has confirmed that they are unaware of any plans to shut down their shop.

When asked if they were closing like the Newbury store, they responded "No. We are still open. I am unaware of any plans to close the store."

In November, Clarks also brought the shutters down on its site in Newport Retail Park amid an ongoing battle high street chains continue to face.

The popular footwear chain was founded in 1825 and operated across over 1,400 stores and franchises internationally at its peak.