This is the moment a lamppost crashed down on a busy road - just seconds after a Tesla had passed.

Tim Redpath, 58, says he "dodged a bullet" in Windsor last night Sunday May 12.

The dad-of-three was driving through the royal town when he noticed a lamppost at an angle.

Footage from his Tesla shows the lamppost then falling - moments after he had gone underneath its path.

The lamppost fell to the floor narrowly missing his expensive car. If it had of hit him, he may have been injured and the force of the lamppost would have caused thousands of pounds of damage. 

Tim, who lives near Andover, Hants., said: "I was picking my wife up from work in Windsor last night and driving back home. 

"We do this trip once a week every Thursday at about the same time. 

"We left at six, and normally the traffic is quite heavy with quite a lot of pedestrians and tourists - but thankfully it wasn't last night. 

"As we drove up to the lamppost we saw people looking at it. It's very close to the castle. 

"I looked in the rear-view mirror and heard a crash and saw the thing in the road, right behind us. 

"We certainly dodged a bullet there. 

"It was quite incredible there weren't any pedestrians or a stream of traffic behind us. 

"I would say if it fell three seconds earlier, we wouldn't be here. 

"The noise it made when it came down - it was one of those old, cast-iron lampposts - I'm fairly certain there wouldn't be a lot left of us. 

"It fell 90 degrees across the road... We were quite shocked and pulled over to check nobody was hurt."

Footage from the car's front camera shows the lamppost leaning before crashing into the road, just missing Tim's Tesla. 

A man caught on the dashcam walking past appears shocked as the post falls.

Tim, a music teacher, added: "I've never seen a lamppost fall like that before.
"There must have been something wrong with the foundations. 

"Maybe it was something to do with the heat, as it was very hot.

I would imagine someone's in trouble this morning."

In response a spokesman for the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead council said: "A street lighting crew has been tasked with attending the site, investigating the situation, and ensuring the site is safe."