Seven councillors in Slough have resigned from the Labour Party – citing ‘profound disillusionment and anger’ over its treatment of Diane Abbott and Faiza Shaheen, its position on the war in Gaza, and at Slough MP Tan Dhesi.

The names of councillors Zaffar Ajaib, Sabia Akram, Haqeeq Dar, Mohammed Nazir, Naveeda Qaseem, Waqas Sabah and Jamilia Sabah all appeared on a statement announcing their resignation late on Monday, June 3.

Mr Dhesi said it was ‘strange’ that none of those councillors had raised concerns with him.

The councillor’s statement said they felt they had ‘no option but to resign.’ It said: “We, the undersigned members and Labour Councillors of the Slough Constituency Labour Party, express our profound disillusionment and anger.

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“We, the rank-and-file members, are left with no option but to resign. We must stay true to our values and conscience, even if the party we once believed in has abandoned them.”

Among their grievances, the councillors say arguments over whether Faiza Shaheen and Diane Abbott would be allowed to stand for election on July 4 highlighted ‘institutional racism’ in Labour.

Shaheen was blocked from standing as Labour’s candidate in Chingford and Woodford Green, north London, over historical posts on social media.

Abbott – Britain’s first black woman MP – was only recently told she would be allowed to stand again after her recent suspension from Labour.

The councillors also made several references to Labour’s position on the war in Gaza – and its reluctance to back motions in parliament calling for a ceasefire. They say they have been silenced by the party from speaking out on the issue.

And they said criticised Slough’s current MP Tan Dhesi for accusing an independent candidate of ‘toxifying’ the town.

Independent candidate Azhar Chohan – himself a former Labour Party member – cites support for Palestine among his campaign pledges, and has the backing of an organisation called Muslim Vote.

But in a statement highlighting this, Dhesi warned people not to be ‘duped’ by people ‘asking one faith community in particular to vote in a block.

The resigning councillors said: “The Labour Party’s decision to support the Conservative government amidst ongoing humanitarian crises and war crimes is a shocking betrayal of our core values.

“Mr. Dhesi has accused Muslim community leaders of “toxifying” the town and using ‘baradari’ culture in a rally to unify behind a single candidate. This is the same culture and community he has benefited from over the years.”

Their statement also claims that Labour has ‘lost the trust of more than half our town.’ But it suggests the councillors will stay on Slough Borough Council as independents.

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It says: “The Labour Party we have dedicated over four decades to now stands unrecognisable. The party’s impending victory at the next election underscores the influence of powerful lobbies over our policies, rendering our voices and values irrelevant.

“To honour this trust, we must remain strong, independent voices for our wards and residents.”

Tan Dhesi told the Observer he had spent the weekend canvassing alongside some of the resigning councillors, and said they had not raised their concerns with him then.

He said: “It’s very strange that some of them were out canvassing with me recently, including over the last two days and didn't raise any such grievances.”