The Conservatives have chosen a local businesswoman and campaigner to fight for the Slough MP seat.

Moni Kaur Nanda has been selected as the  Conservative Party candidate for the Slough constituency.

Moni was born in Taplow, Maidenhead and spent her teenage years and 20’s working across Slough and Windsor.

She said: “From waitressing at Pizza Hut to being a kitchen porter at the Castle Hotel in Windsor in my teenage years to working for a Slough-based business for almost a decade and then opening a business overseas”.

She has also been actively engaged in numerous community activities, including setting- up the Herschel Summer Netball tournament in 2006 subsequently leading to the creation of Slough Netball Club.

Moni said she got involved in Politics only a few years ago, saying: “The Slough I grew up and worked in has changed – there’s no opportunity for people.

“I didn’t come from a privileged background and being an Asian woman growing up in the ’90s wasn’t easy, but I am a grafter and built a successful career.

“I passionately want to bring back that hope, that aspiration and opportunity to Slough.”

She was encouraged that change was possible when the Conservatives won the local elections at Slough Borough Council in 2023, winning 21 seats.

Moni said: “A new dawn broke last year when the Conservatives gained control of the previously bankrupted Slough Borough Council, community assets must be protected, When I met with the leader of the council Dexter Smith I was very happy because not only do we share the same vision but we believe the best chance of maximizing the town’s potential is a concrete partnership where we will work hand-in-hand as MP and Leader with the same political philosophy and desire to make Slough a place of growth, harmony and prosperity for its residents and all its communities, this matters, it matters a lot.”

She added: “Slough made me, it is the place where I met some of my lifetime friends, it is where I got my first ‘pay-packet’, the place I married in, gave birth in and lived in. It means so much to me and that ultimately drives me to public service.”

Cllr Dexter Smith (Conservative, Colnbrook & Poyle), the leader of Slough Borough Council, said: “A Conservative MP, working with the Conservative Council, can supercharge our recovery after Labour’s bankruptcy.

“So, I am delighted to support Moni standing as Slough’s Member of Parliament.

“With her experience in business and community projects, there’s no doubt that she’ll make a positive impact for residents.”

The political map of England was redrawn last year.

The Slough constituency contains all of the Slough Borough wards apart from the wards of Langley Kedermister, Foxborough and Colnbrook and Poyle, which are contained in the new Windsor constituency.