Scrapping free town centre parking on Sundays could help raise money, a council has been told.

Auditors tasked with investigating how Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead could increase its income suggested ditching Sunday free parking in Maidenhead. They also said the council could start charging for parking by blue badge holders too.

But one councillor warned that this would be bad for businesses and residents at an audit meeting on Tuesday June 4. Councillor Gary Reeves said: “The free parking in Maidenhead on Sunday has a clear rationale of supporting businesses.

“And the blue badge holders’ free parking is supporting the council’s residents.”

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Auditors were asked to make sure the council is ‘maximising income opportunities and effectively promoting and utilising its parking spaces to generate revenue whilst supporting its residents and businesses.’

The auditors found that parking charges make up ‘the largest source of revenue from fees and charges for the council.’

They added: “Failing to recognise income opportunities or set realistic parking fees and charges will result in decreased revenue for the council.”

Elizabeth Griffiths – the senior council officer responsible for finance – said that the final decision would be made by councillors.

She said: “We as a council have to look wider and think about the commercial impact on the high street but the scope of the audit was to look at maximising parking income.

“If we choose not to that’s a decision by the council that’s often influenced by political agendas.”