A discount store in the heart of Slough town centre could have a total of 26 flats added to it.

The Bargain Buys store has been in the High Street since 2019, when it took over from the previous Poundland store, which relocated in 2017.

Above ground, the building Bargain Buys occupies, 210-216 High Street, contains offices. These offices are set to be converted into flats.

Building owners Greatglen Estates has prior approval to convert offices on the first and second floors into 18 flats. The first floor would contain 10 flats, with the second floor containing eight.

The conversion of the offices and commercial space above Bargain Buys was granted by the council in two separate applications in 2019.

Now Greatglen Estates has applied to add 10 flats to the building with a two-storey extension. This would create an additional four flats on the first floor and six flats on the second floor, providing 26 flats in total.

Greatglen Estates attempted to get the project approved through permitted development. However, Slough Borough Council’s planning department ruled that ‘prior approval’ of the council was required before the extensions could be established.

In a report, planning officer James Guthrie ruled that the application has not demonstrated that the proposed development would not be impacted by noise coming from Bargain Buys. Therefore, Greatglen Estates will have to submit a full planning application with that information to the council.

You can view the prior approval application by typing reference F/01190/034 into the council’s planning portal.