Police are not doing enough to protect swans and other birds on the river Thames from attack, a charity has said.

Wendy Hermon of Swan Support says ‘there’s not a week gone by’ when the charity hasn’t been called to reports of birds being shot. But she believes Thames Valley Police don’t treat wildlife crime as a priority.

She told the Observer: “There’s not a week gone by where we’re not having swans that have been shot and catapulted and not just swans. It’s getting ridiculous now.

“We’re having regular meetings with Thames Valley Police. Out main issue was we didn’t think TVP were doing enough for wildlife crime compared to other police forces.”

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Ms Hermon claims that when the charity – which rescues injured birds – reported incidents, police would log the complaint but do little to investigate.

She feels the police doesn’t treat attacks wildlife as seriously as it should do – arguing that perpetrators can escalate commit other crimes.

She said: “Swan Support appreciates there can be more urgent cases that need to be dealt with but we feel that wildlife crime is not very high up on their list. Sometimes police say they’re doing something and nothing happens.”

In a recent Facebook post, Swan Support said the recent school half term had been ‘horrendous’ for bird attacks – adding that Windsor was a ‘hotspot.'

It said ‘a number of pigeons, three geese, two ducks and one coot’ had all been killed across four evenings, and that the incidents had been reported to police.

The post said: “We are proactively working with Thames Valley Police. Let’s all work together to hopefully stop these attacks or get those responsible arrested and punished!”

Wendy Hermon said she believed young people are mostly behind the crimes. She said: “Shooting animals – not just swans and birds – leads onto other things as they get older.

“It’s not just swans and birds that suffer, it’s animals – cats and dogs. We’ve had calls about dogs being hit in Datchet.”

Ms Hermon is set to give a presentation to Eton Town Council on the problem at a meeting on Thursday, June 13. She said there are measures that she will be asking the council to take too, which she would reveal at the meeting.

She said: “Eton Town Council is vert supportive of our charity. We want the council behind us to help support us in moving forward.

Thames Valley Police has been contacted for comment.