A man has been jailed for assaulting multiple people - including members of staff - while living in temporary housing.

Today (June 13), Reading Crown Court heard shocking details of Khalid Hurst's offending, in which he victimised both fellow residents and members of staff at the premises he was housed at.

The incidents took place on various dates throughout 2023, and Hurst was charged with multiple counts of assault.

On one occasion, the 35-year-old - of Lansdowne Avenue, Slough - punched a man repeatedly in the head and hurled him around the room.

The victim was left with a 6cm scar to his head - and Judge Emma Nott remarked that the attack was completely unprovoked.

On September 17, following a dispute over money with a member of staff, Hurst threw a large slab of concrete through the window of their car.

Prior to this, in June, Hurst smashed a glass bottle over the head of another resident.

Of this victim, prosecuting barrister Oliver Kavanagh said: "He had to stay in hospital for ten days."

Defence barrister Rhian Wood highlighted the role that Hurst's mental health had played in his offending.

The defendant has schizoaffective disorder, and Mrs Wood stated that his behaviour was exacerbated by him being constantly kicked out of housing.

However, Judge Nott said that this unstable situation resulted from Hurst's own violent conduct.

She described him as a 'dangerously violent' offender, remarking: "He just kept assaulting people."

In the end, Hurst was jailed for three years and four months.