A judge is due to sentence three men for their role in the murder of Kyron Lee, who was run down by a car before being hacked to death by a machete-wielding gang.

Mr Lee, 21, was attacked on the evening of October 2, 2022.

He was knocked down by a gang driving a stolen Golf, who then chased him into a residential street in Slough.

At Reading Crown Court yesterday (June 18), prosecuting barrister Michael Shaw said the gang used "machete-type knives" to kill Mr Lee.

Judge Amjad Nawaz will be sentencing three of the killers today.

They are:

  • Mohammed Elgamri, 18, of Carter Close, Windsor
  • Fras Seedahmed, 19, of Surrey Avenue, Slough
  • Yaqhub Mussa, 21, of Daylesford Grove, Slough

Two other defendants - Khalid Nur, aged 20, of Graylands Close, Slough, and Elias Almallah, 21, of Eltham Avenue, Slough - also stand to be sentenced over the murder.

The men were convicted over the course of two trials, held earlier this year and in 2023 - with the exception of Mussa, who pleaded guilty at an earlier stage.

Yesterday, the prosecution summed up the case in graphic detail, as the victim's family and friends thronged the public gallery.

Mr Shaw said the killing of Mr Lee was the culmination of "tit-for-tat stabbings" in and around Slough.

The killers have claimed that their actions on the night were spontaneous - but Mr Shaw argued the murder was extensively pre-planned.

The stolen Golf and weapons used by the gang were procured months prior - and Elgamri went so far as to rent an apartment in central Slough.

Seedahmed and Elgamri travelled from London to take part in the stabbing.

Four of the group hunted down Mr Lee down with knives, while Seedahmed acted as the driver.

After the killing, all of the men tried to flee abroad.

Almallah was able to remain at large for almost a year, travelling to Spain, Egypt and Turkey before returning to the UK to face trial in the summer of 2023.

On the other hand, Mr Shaw remarked that Nur was unable to board the flight he had booked, as his passport was due to expire.

Mussa was arrested at Heathrow while trying to travel to Somalia - telling police he was going "on holiday."

Barristers representing the killers have outlined their backgrounds, pleading with Judge Nawaz that they could be rehabilitated.

Elgamri's barrister said his client came from "a close, and stable, and loving" immigrant family.

He suggested Elgamri - a student at the University of East London - fell into bad company after befriending criminals through online gaming and other social channels.

The barrister stated: "However vicious and lethal the attack was, it's questionable whether he had any intention to kill Lee."

Yaqhub Mussa's barrister noted that his client had pleaded guilty pre-trial - extremely rare in a murder case.

He told the court: "He [Mussa] did not, as the overwhelming majority of defendants who face a murder charge do ... take his chances with a jury. Every practitioner knows that there is always a chance with a jury."

The barrister said this indicated that Mussa was remorseful.

In an extraordinary statement read by prosecutor Christopher Hewertson to the court, Mr Lee's father considered whether he could ever forgive the killers.

He said: "As a Christian, I do [forgive them]. But as a father, how is that possible? I find that really hard.

"They took my son away from me in the most violent and brutal way possible."