Two Windsor men are facing charges of supplying converted hand guns and a large amount of ammunition, a court heard.

Gary Worthington and Perry Phillips are accused of having provided the blank guns and ammunition while believing that offences under the Firearms Act would be committed.

Both defendants faced two charges of encouraging or assisting in a number of offences, believing one or more would be committed.

Phillips, aged 54 and of Filmer Road in Windsor, appeared at Reading Magistrates Court on Wednesday, June 26, and indicated he would deny the offences. 

The court heard he was accused of supplying blank firing ammunition to others between July 1 last year and October 17.

It was alleged this was capable of encouraging or assisting the commission the manufacture of ammunition; the exposure for sale or transfer, or possession for sale, transfer, repair, test or proof or the sale or transfer of the ammunition.

The court also heard he was accused of supplying blank firing hand guns during the same period  which could encourage or assist the manufacture of prohibited weapons, the sale or transfer of prohibited weapons or the possession for sale or transfer of any prohibited weapon.

Prosecuting, Jamie Renuka said the alleged offences involved supplying “converted handguns and a large amount of converted ammunitions” to others, who were not named in court.

“Each defendant believed one of the offences would be committed and his act would assist or encourage the offence”, Ms Renuka said.

District Judge Kirsty Allman sent Phillips’s case to Reading Crown Court for him to formally enter a plea.

She said: “Mr Phillips, I am going to send the two matters to the crown court. They cannot be dealt with in this court.”

Phillips was given bail on condition that he live and sleep each night at his address and sign on at Slough police station. 

Worthington, 43, of William Ellis Close, Old Windsor, was not able to attend and the hearing was adjourned so he could appear.