A family in Slough was left without heating for six years as their landlord refused to carry out essential repairs.

The single parent of four children first complained to their landlord Lakhbir Singh Rakhra of heating problems at their home in Rochfords Gardens in 2016.

But he only carried out the repairs in October 2022 – after Slough Borough Council slapped him with an improvement notice in May. Mr Rakhra was then fined £24,000 for failing to comply with the notice.

The tribunal said: “It is a substantial penalty, but the offence was serious. In effect the appellant was failing to comply with essential repairs which he ought to have carried out anyway before he was served with the notice. He then failed to comply with the notice itself.”

The parent complained to the council in 2021 after repeatedly asking Mr Rakhra to carry out the repairs.

After inspecting the home the council asked Mr Rakhra to complete the repairs – but he didn’t. It then slapped him with an improvement notice in May 2022 ordering him to carry them out by July or face a fine – but he still failed to comply until October that year.

He then tried to appeal against a £25,000 fine issued in February 2023, claiming the tenant had obstructed him. But the tribunal didn’t believe him and upheld the fine minus £1,000 for wear and tear.

It said: “If he was really being obstructed by his tenant, he could have sought injunctive relief in the County Court. He didn’t do this which supports the fact that there was not really a problem. He is clearly an experienced landlord who should know better.”