The Conservative party has won back the Windsor constituency after a "incredibly close" campaign.

In a close race, Jack Rankin, the Conservative candidate, beat out rival Pavitar Kaur Mann with 16,483 votes with over 6,000 vote majority.

Mr Rankin served on the Royal Borough representing Central Windsor between 2015 and 2019, which included his position as Cabinet Member.

Pavitar Mann, who was a tough contender against Mr Rankin was awarded runner-up with an impressive 10,026 votes.

Remarkedly, Julian Peter Tisi from the Independent party came in third place with 4,660 votes, with Harl Grewal from Reform UK coming in fourth place with 4,660 votes.

Launching a hardworking campaign for the Green Party across the new Windsor constituency, Micheal Edward Boyle secured 2,288 votes beating out independent candidate David Buckley.

Coming in at last place with a commendable 621 votes was Simran Kaur Dhillon from the Workers party.

You can see the results in full here:

Jack Rankin (Conservatives) - 16,483
Michael Edward Boyle (The Green Party) - 2,288
David Buckley (Ind) - 1,629
Simran Kaur Dhillon (Workers party) - 621
Harl Grewal (Reform UK) - 4,660
Pavitar Kaur Mann (Labour) - 10,026
Julian Peter Tisi - 9,539