The Conservatives’ candidate in Slough has said she could have done better with a stronger campaign after coming third in the general election.

Meanwhile Reform UK candidate Robin Jackson has said his fourth place shows the party is growing.

Conservative Party candidate Moni Nanda came third in Slough with 7,457 votes. She told the Observer: “I just put my heart over the fence, in the sky and I wasn’t going to watch where it landed, I wasn’t going to limit myself – I just wanted to give it everything I had.

“I think if we had longer, if we had a stronger campaign we could have done better. But you know – c’est la vie.”

Reform UK candidate Robin JacksonReform UK candidate Robin Jackson (Image: LDRS)

Reform UK candidate Robin Jackson said his result – 3,352 votes, was a ‘good start.’

He told the Observer: “I think for a one-man band it’s a good start for Reform in Slough. I’d like to thank everybody that’s voted, it’s been fantastic.

“We need to grow – we need people behind us, people who are going to recruit for us, people who are going to campaign for us as well and we just need a bigger team in general.”

“This is the starting point and over the next four or five years we’re going to grow.”