Jack Rankin has said that he is “humbled” after being elected the Conservative MP for the new Windsor constituency – despite his party losing the support of millions across the country.

Mr Rankin won with 16,483 votes while his closest rival Pavitar Kaur Mann (Labour) walked away with 10, 026 votes.

Speaking to the Observer after the declaration, the new Windsor MP paid tribute to his closest opponents for their ‘well fought campaigns’ over the election period.

He said: “Every single person that went to the ballot station yesterday trusted me to be their member of parliament and that’s quite a solemn thing to do so I have to try and repay that trust by working as hard as possible for all the beautiful towns and villages.

“I’ve been clear about my priorities which are flooding, aircraft noise, police on the beat in our villages and towns, and looking at expanding GP provision.”

Despite Conservatives gaining back their seat after Adam Afriyie stepped down last month, the share of the vote has fallen significantly compared to the results in the 2019 elections.

Turnout in Windsor also fell to 61.93 percent in this year’s general elections, compared to 71.9 percent in 2019 and 76.72 percent in 2017.

Jack Rankin said that despite the party’s success in the new Windsor constituency, the Conservatives have lost the support of millions of people across the country.

He told the Observer: “We have drifted from small sea conservative values which I believe a majority of this country hold. We have not been upstanding as we have should been in our personal conduct and we have been more interested in who has been up and down in West Minster than the concerns of our constituents.

“We have also forgot the intergenerational contact which has seen younger people turn off from the conservative party.

“Now it’s time to work hard in holding this new government to account and start building a party of aspiration and opportunity for all.”

Meanwhile, Julian Peter Tisi from the Independent party came in third place with 4,660 votes, with Harl Grewal from Reform UK coming in fourth place with 4,660 votes.

Launching a hard working campaign for the Green Party, Micheal Edward Boyle secured 2,288 votes beating out independent candidate David Buckley.

Coming in at last place with a commendable 621 votes was Simran Kaur Dhillon from the Workers party,