A public drinking ban across the whole of Slough came into force on Friday, July 5.

The ban means it is now an offence to be in possession of an open container of alcohol or to refuse to hand over drinks to police or Slough Borough Council officers when asked.

Slough Borough Council says the ban is aimed at reducing anti-social behaviour. Ishrat Shah, the councillor in charge of public protection, said: “The aim is to tackle ongoing issues of anti-social behaviour affecting the local community.

“The council and the police receive regular complaints around alcohol consumption in streets and parks and we hope this will help deter people as they could risk a fine.”

Leading councillors agreed to the ban – which will last for three years – in the form of a public space protection order last month. Anyone caught breaking the ban can be given an on the spot fine of £100.

Some 267 people said they were in favour of the ban in a consultation earlier this year. But council leader Dexter Smith said the new rule would be ‘applied with discretion'.

Speaking last month he said officers would only enforce the rule ‘where they see antisocial behaviour fuelled by alcohol'.