Zipp e-scooters in Slough are out of action due to an ‘ongoing issue,’ Slough Borough Council has confirmed.

The e-scooter hire scheme was launched for a trial run on May 28 this year. But the scooters have been ‘unavailable to hire’ since at least June 24, the council has confirmed – with no indication of when they might be ready again.

A council spokesperson told the Observer: “There is an ongoing issue that has rendered the existing fleet of e-scooters unavailable for hire. Both Zipp and the council are working on a solution to keep the scheme running with minimal disruption to the service and will communicate on this.”

The spokesperson said the council and Zipp Mobility were working to restore the service ‘as soon as possible’ and expect an update in the coming days.

The company first informed the council of the issue on June 24, and users have also been notified through the Zipp Mobility app.

Some 300 e-scooters were introduced to Slough in May after the government invited councils to run trial rental schemes.

The schemes can run until May 2026 when the government will decide whether or not to fully legalise the use of e-scooters. The scooters can only be used on public roads and payments as part of licensed council schemes.

Slough Borough Council's website says the scheme could be made permanent once the trial ends if the government legalises them and council leaders agree to keep it.

Zipp Mobility has been contacted for comment.