New flats on Langley High Street have been slammed by Slough Borough Council for unacceptable living conditions, harming the area, and not providing enough parking – despite having already been built.

The ground floor of 94 High Street was converted from a shop into three flats in 2023 – apparently without planning permission. The owner then applied for retrospective planning permission on April 15 this year.

But the council refused to grant planning permission in a decision made on Thursday July 4. It said this is because the new flats outside the town centre would ‘increase the density of the surrounding area and result in a form of development detrimental to the established character of the locality'.

The council also said the four new flats would cause ‘increased noise and general disturbance’ for people living next door at 92 High Street. And it said there weren't enough parking spaces provided for each flat.

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On top of that, the council also said that residents would have ‘acceptable levels of amenity and living conditions'.

It said the living room in particular would not have enough light due to how close it was to the shared boundary and existing buildings. Council officers this was a symptom of ‘poor design'.