Many celebrities have been casting their ballots and encouraging others to vote in the 2024 General Election on social media.

Queen guitarist Brian May, singer Myleene Klass and Blackadder star Tony Robinson are among them.

May, 76, shared a video of the sign outside his local polling station and said “the sweet scent of liberation is in the air”.

He wrote on Instagram: “Happy Independence Day folks !!! Special salutations to all our American friends, celebrating the birth of your nation.

“This year, over here in the UK, we are having a kind of Independence Day too.

“The mood of the country seems to be that this is a long-awaited chance to express their disgust at the ineptitude, arrogance and corruption that we have been forced to witness over the last decade.”

He added: “But for us the sweet scent of liberation is in the air. A New Hope of decency.

“By the early hours of tomorrow morning we will know for sure one way or the other.”

Klass, who has campaigned for changes to miscarriage law and women’s health care, shared a selfie outside her polling station and wrote: “I never thought it possible my voice could create change and yet time and time again I have been able to prove that it does, I just need to use it.

“I have walked the hallowed halls of parliament where women are still severely under represented and have stood in the very cupboard where suffragette Emily Wilding Davison hid in order to be physically present to place her vote the morning after by using the ‘house of commons’ as her address.

“Meanwhile, the old boys club rolls on. (My fav line, and there have been many, when asked ‘which Asian I am’, ‘Oh we have a Filipino maid’.)

“I have campaigned (and WON) for changes to Women’s health, Miscarriage care and the chance of/ equal education for children across the UK.

“As a state school kid myself, who now mentors at her old school helping to guide those who have lost their way, I know first hand how important access to education and facilities are.

“Parliament is on the whole, utterly oblivious to the needs of the real world.

“Thats why, you must use your vote today. To make change. For you and for your children.”

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Actor Tony Robinson shared a video of himself singing and dancing as he walked into his local polling station, holding his passport for photo ID.

He wrote: “Vote TODAY. Vote Change. Vote Labour.”

Game Of Thrones star Charles Dance was photographed waiting in a queue to vote at his local polling station at Willingham Close Tenants and Residents Association Hall in north London, where Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and his wife Victoria also cast their vote on Thursday morning.

TV star Piers Morgan also shared a picture from his own trip to vote, writing: “Vote cast.”

Polls are open until 10pm.