Newly published Government figures have given an insight into the performances of schools across Windsor, Maidenhead and Slough.

The figures cover local authorities across the country - although councils can no longer be held responsible for the results in many cases, as more schools 'opt out' of local authority control.

Holy Family Catholic Primary School in Langley was second from the top of the Slough list, achieving a 92% success rate in pupils reaching the required standard in maths and 81% in reading, writing and maths.

It was beaten only by Castleview School in Woodstock Avenue with a 91% success rate in the 'three Rs' and 95% in maths.

Headteacher at Holy Family Sara Benn said: "We are delighted with the feedback from parents and governors who have called the school - and delighted our children have achieved as much as they did with so many leaving with the expected standard. It marks a positive end to the term."

The list covered primary schools in Slough - covering education up to the age of 11.

In Windsor and Maidenhead the schools operate on a three tear system - and the list covered first and middle schools up to the age of 13.

Lowbrook Academy on the Fairway, Maidenhead came top with 96% of its pupils achieving the expected standards in maths, reading and writing.

Its 'sister' Holy Trinity School came third.

Dave Rooney, executive principal of both schools, stated: “Despite the difficulties with the Conservative’s U-turn on the expansion of one of our sites, we continue to deliver the highest quality of education to the children in Cox Green and Cookham. It remains an honour to represent them.”

His comment made pointed reference to the breakdown of talks with the council over financial support for expansion plans at Lowbrook.

Nicola Chandler is head of school at Trevelyan Middle School in Windsor, which came in 15th - about half way down the list with 70% of pupils hitting the spot with the 'the three Rs'

She said: "Our pupils, staff and parents are a credit to Trevelyan and we are very proud of the progress the pupils are making.

"We are also extremely proud of our Maths results, achieving the highest of the four Middle Schools."

The school achieved 80% in maths.