Four men who used sham car engine manufacturing companies based in Slough to defraud customers must repay a quarter of a million pounds to their victims.

The four were convicted in April of two counts of conspiracy to defraud - with three being imprisoned.

Now after a confiscation investigation which ended last month they must repay £225,000 to 71 victims.

Paul Dockerill, 52 and his sons Martin, 30 and Harry, 27, received three and a half year prison sentences in April - with Jack Dockerill, 23 getting a two year suspended sentence.

Their sham companies First Choice Engines and Exchange Engines were operated by the Dockerills on Perth Industrial Estate in Perth Avenue, Slough.

They purported to offer 'high quality engine remanufacturing services'.

The four systematically defrauded customers and used a website to give customers the impression they were a professional business.

The victims included members of the public from across the country, small businesses and a charity which assists homeless former soldiers.

As well as the confiscation order three vehicles have been ordered to be forfeited and returned to their lawful owners.

Detectives at Slough CID launched their investigation, codenamed Operation Component, following more than 500 complaints from customers to Thames Valley Police and Trading Standards.

Accredited Financial Investigator of Thames Valley Police's Economic Crime Unit Claire Upton, said: "The men exploited their customers by inflating the charges to repair their vehicles and then intimidated them when customers tried to get their vehicle back.

"Many customers lost their vehicles as they were unable to pay the higher price or were informed their vehicle was beyond economic repair when on three occasions this was false."