The wife of a cemetery worker who was killed by a 95-year-old driver has paid tribute to her husband.

Tracie Mills, 54, of West Crescent, Windsor, had been married to her husband Paul Mills, 47, for 14 years when he was killed by an elderly driver who lost control of her vehicle whilst driving through Braywick Cemetery, Maidenhead, in February last year. The driver, Gertrude Lister, 95, of Vicarage Walk, Bray,was recently given a 16-month suspended sentence.

Mrs Mills said: "I walked out of court because I lost my temper, after the judge gave her a suspended sentence. It's disgusting, and lots of my friends and family agree.

"The last thing I said when I walked out the room (that his body was kept in) was "I will get justice." But I haven't, and I feel like I've let him down."

Mrs Mills said her husband had enjoyed working in the cemetery due to his love for the great outdoors.

"He's done lots of jobs - one of his longest was in security, which he was in for 13 years. He was out of work for a year through no fault of his own, then a friend happened to mention that ISS (managers of Braywick cemetery) was recruiting. He got the job straight away, and he was loving it."

"He liked the fresh air. He kept racing pigeons, and liked tinkering with cars. He also did up the gardens of local old people that couldn't do it themselves. There's a 98-year-old man at the end of our road who would ask if 'the boy' could come round and help him."

"I think my favourite memory was when he proposed - he wasn't soppy. We were driving through Datchet, stuck in traffic, and he just turned round and asked if I wanted to get married. I said yes. He said we'd better book it quickly before he changed his mind.

"It's silly things like that, that you miss."

Mrs Mills said her husband was killed as he was clearing up his tools, just 15 minutes before the end of his working day.

"He was no angel, but you either liked him or you didn't. He had a lot of good friends - he was a good friend. If he told you he would be somewhere then he would be."

Mrs Mills had two children with him, in addition to five more from a previous relationship.