A crucial meeting next week could decide whether or not a charity offering a lifeline to Slough's homeless continues to offer vital support.

SHOC (Slough Homeless Our Concern) had to leave its premises in Burlington Road last year and is currently operating from cramped premises next to St Michael's Church in Whitby Road. But it can only stay till April, when the site is due to be redeveloped and its leaders are hoping Slough Borough Council will be able to offer a site when they meet representatives.

Last Thursday Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn visited Whitby Road and met some of the homeless, while hearing from the charity's head Mandy McGuire and chief executive Steve Hedley how serious the situation is.

Mr Hedley told Mr Corbyn the town’s 50 or so rough sleepers were at risk if the charity could not find another home. He believed that the drop in the number of homeless deaths on the street in Slough from 14 three years ago to two last year was because of the charity. It could 'go through the roof' if it ceased to have a site where they could come.

Slough's MP Tan Dhesi was among those who welcomed Mr Corbyn to SHOC's temporary premises last Thursday.

Mr Dhesi is expected to attend next week's crucial meeting with the council.

This week the charity's fundraiser Sue Serret said their current shelter provided breakfast and lunch six days a week, as well as shower and washing facilities, advice and support.

She said: "People don't die on the street from lack of food.

"But they do die from lack of access to health care, of things like diabetes.

"Without an address they can't get access to a doctor and we can give them that address if they visit us hered. We see about 35 people a day here - not always the same ones.

"People in transition too come here - even if they have found accommodation they often still need advice and support."

SHOC has four full-time employees and as many as 25 volunteers who give their help free.