Sir Michael Parkinson is planning to write to Prime Minister Theresa May suggesting a meeting with the new Minister for Loneliness Tracey Crouch.

The chat show king and award-winning journalist is patron of the recently set up Men’s Matters Group, which meets at drop-in centres in Windsor, Langley and Maidenhead and aims to combat loneliness in men.

He has been patron of the group since it was set up and on Wednesday he attended one of their meetings for the first time.

Afterwards, Sir Michael, who lives in Bray, said he was thinking of contacting the Prime Minister, and Maidenhead MP, Theresa May, about meeting Ms Crouch.

Sir Michael said he felt men were more liable to loneliness than woman because they found it harder to be sociable. He said: “When I had my chat show it was always easier when I had three women guests together. They would be happy to talk to each other. Men are more combative.”