A 17-year-old employee of a Colnbrook haulage firm badly crushed by an HGV at work needed reconstructive surgery.

Now the company - Holmes of Heathrow Ltd, of Poyle Road on the Poyle trading estate - has been forced to pay £25,000 after being prosecuted by Slough Borough Council.

In January 2015, the teenager was in the company's yard when a reversing HGV crushed him against the gate and office building.

The incident caused severe injuries to the young man’s mouth, face and shoulders, which required hospitalisation in intensive care for a number of days and reconstructive surgery.

At the hearing at Reading Crown Court, Holmes of Heathrow Ltd pleaded guilty to offences under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

The court found it had failed to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employee, to undertake suitable risk assessments or ensure adequate health and safety training or properly supervise the employee’s work.

The court fined Holmes of Heathrow Ltd £14,000 and ordered the company to pay the council costs of £11,000.

Councillor Pavitar K Mann, cabinet member for regulation and consumer protection, said: “Through no fault of his own this poor lad ended up with horrible injuries from a very traumatic experience.

“No company, in particular one with movements of large vehicles in a restricted space, should be cavalier in their attitudes to the safety of their employees.

“Unfortunately in this case, it was only this life-changing incident that shed light on Holmes lack of care and I hope this prosecution and fine serves as a deterrent to other companies who have employee safety low on their list of priorities.”

She added: “We will continue to take action against companies that flagrantly put employees at risk.”