Star actor comedian Russell Brand has come up with an idea for a unique wedding present for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Mr Brand is a patron of the homeless charity SHOC (Slough Homeless Our Concern), whose chief executive Steve Hedley is due to meet Slough Borough Council's director of assets Stephen Gibson tomorrow to make a crucial request.

Mr Hedley is to ask the council tomorrow for a temporary 'home' for the charity, while it works to raise funds for a permanent place.

The charity is due to lose its temporary current home in Whitby Road in April when the site is developed.

The site offers vital washing facilities, meals and an 'address' which the homeless can give if they need medical help.

Meanwhile Mr Brand has come up with his own idea.

Mr Hedley said: "Russell is a patron who volunteers here who has written about us. We were talking about the royal wedding and how some 'trolls' on the social media have attacked it and he agreed that was not right."

Now Russell has launched his Wedding Present petition, asking Slough Council to donate a home to SHOC as a wedding present for the royal couple.

He said: "If you think this would be a great gift for the royal couple - a beautiful way to celebrate their love - then sign this petition.

"This is the perfect way to ensure that love and community trump selfishness and profit as well as being the perfect wedding present for a cool couple."

See this Friday's Observer for the latest news on SHOC's search for a home.