A campaign to install 'state of the art' automated number plate recognition cameras in Eton and Eton Wick seems all set to succeed.

The cameras are different from standard CCTV and just two would ensure that every vehicle which passed through would have its registration number recorded.

Eton Town Councillor Philip Highy has been working with Sgt Emma Pendry from Windsor Central policing team to investigate the possibility of getting the cameras.

He said it took only three months to raise the £7,000 needed to finance the project.

Eton Town Council has contributed a large part of the money needed with help from other organisations.

Cllr Highy, who is also a past mayor of Eton, said: "We have had contributions from Eton Wick Village Association, the Baldwin Institute and Eton College.

"We are waiting to hear if Eton Community Association will also agree to make a contribution but I'm optimistic."

It is understood that the cameras are aimed at combatting crime in the villages, such as burglaries, as well as getaway cars likely to travel through on their way to - or back - from crimes in other areas, such as nearby Slough. 

Cllr Highy said the cameras' location would remain secret for maximum effectiveness.