A volcanic eruption of brainpower saw school pupils travel back through the ages last week.

Eton End School in Eton Road, Datchet hosted the event known as Volcano Brainiac Day.

Pupils met two staff members from Eton College who brought along rare and valuable artefacts from the college's Verey Gallery, all linked to volcanoes and inspired by the gallery's 'creative destruction' exhibition.

They included a fibula, a sugar sift spoon and a trencher plate - an amazing piece of hard bread once used by people to eat off before being devoured itself.

The children worked in pairs to deduce age, materials and purpose.

The children worked outside in teams. They had to cross a 'lava flow' using communication and ‘trial and error’ strategies. Once they had crossed safely, the teams build temporary shelters while pretending their homes had been lost to the erupting volcano.

The other two activities were based around volcano stories. One of the stories led to a mathematical challenge and the other to code breaking practice.

Zoe Logan, head of nursery and pre prep, who organised the day, said: “It was wonderful to see the children from different schools intermix confidently. The children engaged fully with the idea of ‘thinking critically’ and ‘having a go’ attitude. It was a positive learning experience for all involved.”

Pupils from Colnbrook Church of England Primary School, Eton Porny First and Eton Wick First Schools joined children from Eton End in the adventures.