A syndicate of 12 work colleagues are celebrating after they scooped a £158,759.50 win in the EuroMillions draw on Tuesday last week.

Each member of the Logicalis 12 syndicate will take home a £13,229.95 share of the win.

They all work at Logicalis UK Ltd in Buckingham Avenue, Slough.

Syndicate leader Pauline Rogers said she had come into work early on Wednesday morning and was settling down to her bowl of breakfast porridge while casually checking her emails.

She said: “I saw there was a message from Camelot with news about our ticket and to be honest thought it was going to be another £2.70 and another round of friendly ribbing. When I logged into the account and saw it was £158,759.50, I knew there’d be more than friendly ribbing in the office that day."

Her win will mean a new front door and a little windfall for her two children. Other lucky syndicate members have plans for holidays to Dubai and Las Vegas and a deposit for a first home.