Making a great big sandwich full of spiders and creepy crawlies might not be the average parents' idea of an ideal half term holiday treat.

But nobody minded at Farnham Common Library in Victoria Road last week when youngsters gathered there to emulate the characters in the children's book Sam's Sandwich.

Children's librarian Pam Naish explained how the boy in the book tries to cure his greedy sister of eating too much by making her a sandwich full of spiders.

Mrs Naish said: "I thought it would be nice to choose a book children may not have come across before."

The 'sandwiches' made by the children at the library were of course made out of nice wholesome materials like paper and card - so were the creepy crawlies.

A wide range of children up to the age of 10 came along to have a go, coming up with their own ideas for the 'iffy' sandwiches.

They also had a go at making their own home made place mats to serve the 'sandwiches' on and they turned out to be pretty colourful as well.

Ordinary school dinners must have seemed quite mundane when the children all returned to school this week to enjoy more conventional food.