A fleet of new smart bins are to be installed in Slough town centre.

The new Bigbelly Bins compact any litter placed into them into easily collectable bricks and are solar powered.

The bins even ‘phone home’ when full – meaning street cleaners only empty them when they need it while spending more time litter picking, sweeping and collecting in hotspot areas.

Eighteen of the new bins will be in the High Street and outside the train and bus stations with separate sections for items which can be recycled.

Each of the bins has a pull down door which keeps the rubbish firmly inside – instead of it being blown out by the wind – but the door can also be foot pedal operated for ease of use.

The move is the first step in a campaign to improve the cleanliness of the town centre and across the borough which will also see community clean ups, increased litter collection, enforcement and public awareness campaigns.

Councillor Rob Anderson, cabinet member for environment and leisure, said: “We all know there are big plans for the shopping area. But while these are coming forward we want to do all we can to ensure the centre of Slough is a pleasant and clean environment for people.

“Everyone knows it isn’t acceptable to drop litter on the floor but unfortunately some people don’t seem to care.

“We care and I hope others will join us in encouraging the use of these new bins and our upcoming campaigns to clean the streets of Slough.”

The bis are due to be installed on Monday and Tuesday.