The Empire State Building is a pretty impressive building.

But staff at Windsor's Legoland resort have not been a bit overawed by having to scale its dizzy heights - as their own version is a little bit shorter.

The Winkfield Road resort's world famous model makers have spent 700 hours creating their own miniature replica of New York's most iconic skyscraper - 4.4metres tall and created from 71,040 Lego bricks.

The staggering Lego recreation is 100 times smaller than the real life building and was carefully lifted into position by Legoland model makers last week.

When the resort reopens on March 9 it will boast a whole range of world famous American landmarks - including a 2.7 metre tall Statue of Liberty.

As well as an epic journey along the famous Route 66, taking in Chicago and Arizona, eagle eyed guests will also spot tiny details along the way from Area 51 in Nevada to Cloud Gate in Chicago.

The American scene joins other world-famous landmarks from around the world set to join Miniland this year; including the majestic Taj Mahal (Agra), St. Basil’s Cathedral (Moscow), the Sydney Opera House (Sydney) and the Forbidden City (Beijing).

Miniland is one of the most popular attractions at Legoland's Windsor Resort that features 12 scenes created from over 40 million individual Lego bricks.