RESIDENTS are being urged to input their views as a parish council seeks to determine a village as a neighbourhood area.

Farnham Royal Parish Council has submitted an application to South Bucks District Council to designate the parish of Farnham Royal, which includes Farnham Common, as a neighbourhood area.

If agreed by South Bucks, the parish council will be able to carry out its own neighbourhood plan which, if it is passed in a referendum, will be used in the consideration of planning applications in the area.

Trevor Clapp, chairman of Farnham Royal Parish Council said: “The Farnhams comprise two villages on the border with Slough separated by an important Green Belt buffer. Un-planned piecemeal development, together with the encroachment of development from Slough, has put a strain on the local infrastructure.

"The opportunity to plan comprehensively for more intensive development of brownfield sites together with the structuring of any sites released from the Green Belt and incorporation of proper levels of infrastructure to serve it will ensure that the Farnhams Neighbourhood Plan provides for a future balanced community.”

A four week consultation began on Thursday, with all responses due in by 5pm on September 1.

South Bucks District Council will consider the application, along with all comments received during the consultation.

Nick Naylor, South Bucks portfolio holder for sustainable development, said: “I fully support giving residents the opportunity to have their say on future developments in the area where they live, and I look forward to seeing the comments on this proposal put forward and encourage residents to get involved and make their thoughts and ideas for the area known to us.”

A neighbourhood plan can establish planning policies for the development and use of land, including for example, where additional new homes, shops and offices could be built.

You can have your say at or by contacting the planning policy team on or 01895 837339.

You can write to Mr Peter Beckford, Head of Sustainable Development, King George V House, King George V Road, Amersham, Bucks, HP6 5AW.