PROTESTERS set up camp outside a prestigious country club to vent their views against one its guests.

Hundreds of Bangladeshi protesters based themselves outside Stoke Park Country Club in Park Road, Stoke Poges yesterday and today to protest against their nation's Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

The Prime Minister flew into London Heathrow on Wednesday afternoon and stayed at the country club overnight before leaving today at around noon, but protesters found out and voiced their views at the main entrance to the site.

Around 450 were there on Wednesday, with 150 today, with just over 200 people counter-protesting in support of Sheikh Hasina.

Police moved quickly to secure the area, controlling traffic as cars attempted to pass the protest in the narrow Park Road. There were 44 officers present on Wednesday with 30 on duty today.

Slough Observer:

Inspector John McDonald, public order and public safety bronze commander who led the police operation, said: "Every time she is in the country there is demonstrations because of the political situation.

"But everything has been peaceful. It has been the model demonstration. There has been chanting, shouting and a few eggs thrown but everything has been well mannered."

The protest was being led by Mohammead Abdul Malique, president of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party UK, who claimed that there are human rights violations in the country, including the right to freedom of speech.

He said: "The international community has said that there needs to be an election as soon as possible. Nobody recognises that she is an elected Prime Minister.

"We want fresh elections in Bangladesh. We need justice, peace and democracy."