A BRAND new nursery school will be opening in Iver Heath, and is inviting the community to join them as they celebrate this weekend.

Iver Heath Montessori Nursery will be opening on Monday, October 17, and it will be hosting an open day on Sunday to welcome children and parents to catch a glimpse of the facilities in Church Road.

The nursery is aimed at children aged between six months and five years and will be offering arts and crafts, food sampling and the opportunity to meet Peppa Pig at the open day.

Saijal and Kalpesh Patel are the co-owners of the nursery. Mrs Patel said: “I went back to work a year after each of my children were born and it was the toughest decision we had to make.

"It was hard finding a setting which we had full confidence in but what made life even more difficult was trying to juggle full time work and home life.

"We were out of the door by 7.30am and didn’t get home till 6.30pm. I then had to think about cooking dinner and all the other household chores. As parents, we were exhausted. We had this vision of creating an outstanding nursery for children, which could also make life easier for parents."

The Montessori school will follow the early years foundation stage syllabus, adopting a Montessori approach of having a clean, safe, happy and stimulating environment where children will flourish.

Mr Patel added: “We decided quite early on that we wanted our nursery to be Montessori focused. Our own children had been in a Montessori nursery and we had seen amazing results with their development.

"As well as hitting all the early years foundation stage goals well within the timeframe guidelines set by the government, they were ahead in individual areas which the teachers had identified and developed.

"That is the beauty of Montessori, it celebrates the individual child. We all know as parents that our children are unique, so we wanted a nursery that would celebrate that, welcome all children, help build on their strengths and also focus on the areas that require development.”

If you are interested in attending the open day call 07555 002123 or email info@yourmontessori.co.uk