A CHOIR group is calling for young, enthusiastic boys and girls to join many others from the area.

Gillian Dibden MBE is the director of Taplow Choirs and a choral specialist, and she is keen to add to an "extremely jolly and eager" singing community.

She said: "We already have lots of children that make the journey every weekend for rehearsals, but we would love to welcome more faces. There are currently 35 singing in the children's choir and 20 in the boys' group."

Lucy Joy Morris, a recent graduate of Cambridge, conducts the groups on Saturday mornings - preparing the children for upcoming performances.

Children joining the choir will look forward to dressing up smartly to perform at a Taplow concert in early December, as well as multiple events next year. In March the groups will be singing formally at the Woodley Competitive Music Festival and joining award-winning choirs as they travel to Hampshire shortly after.

Mrs Dibden is hopeful that the volume will continue to rise. She added: "We would be delighted if we could add 10 members to the children's group and five in the boys."

Those in school years three to six can visit Taplow Village Centre on Saturday at 10am, whilst boys from year five and up with singing experience can attend rehearsals from 11.15am.

Contact Gillian for more information on 07799413746.