A HOUSING association has been slammed by residents for having "no consideration" for its tenants as uncertainty remains over their future.

London and Quadrant Group (L&Q), a housing association which manages sheltered housing schemes for people over the age of 55, announced earlier this year that five of its 12 South Bucks schemes were to close.

Residents at Verdon Court in Bishop's Orchard, Farnham Royal were told in January that the scheme was to close, but have not been given a date when that closure will be.

Residents from Warrent Court in Iver, which is to remain open, turned out to support Verdon Court residents and expressed their dismay at ongoing poor services provided by L&Q.

Mary Keen, 81, who lives at Warren Court, said: "We cannot get them to do any jobs for us. A light went out in the kitchen and we phoned them up to ask if they could change it and I was told that I had to do it myself. I tried to go up the ladder to do it but I couldn't - I am over 80 years old.

"We are paying almost £700 per month and we are not getting anything for our money. We pay £5 per week service charge as well."

Verdon Court tenants told The Observer that cleaners only come in for one hour a week, which meant that toilets were left unclean and bins were overflowing.

Joan Ennals, 87, moved to Verdon Court in January, but was not aware of the plans for the scheme. She said: "I moved in on a Saturday and I had a letter on the Tuesday after to tell me that it would be closing down. I need not have come here."

Penny Penrose, 76, who lives in the former wardens house at Verdon Court said the closure is "hanging over their heads all the time" and L&Q "have no consideration for any of us".

An L&Q spokesman said: "We would like to assure all our residents that their wellbeing is our top priority, as we work to match them all with suitable new accommodation and gradually move them into new homes as they become available.

"We have taken on board all the issues raised to us at Verdon and Warren Court and will investigate them thoroughly to ensure we take all necessary action to resolve them.

"Earlier in the year we addressed some cleaning issues residents had raised with our cleaning contractor—who we assess on the quality of agreed tasks being completed rather than meeting a set time schedule.  We will now revisit these issues again to ensure they are effectively addressed.

"While responsibility for minor repairs and replaceable items like lightbulbs rests with residents, we will assess each case individually whenever it is raised with us.  Wherever people are in vulnerable situation we will work to ensure they have someone -  such as a friend or family member - who can assist them."