SLOUGH Town FC have announced a new sponsorship deal with the Slough Town Supporters Trust and MyFootballClub (MYFC) for the 2013/14 season.

Following the demise of ex-sponsors Lakes, the Supporters Trust will be on the front of the home shirt and MYFC on the front of the away jersey. Both will have their logos on the back of the home and away shirts.

MyFootballClub are a global society of football supporters who like to follow and feel part of a club at grass roots level.

Raising its funds by yearly membership, MYFC offers an engaging experience through information and regular updates on how a club is performing. A statement released by Slough Town FC today (Monday) read: "This is a fantastic opportunity for STFC to grow its fan base and at the same time increase the profile of the club.

"MYFC previously owned Ebbsfleet United but recently sold their interest.

"We would like to emphasise and make it very clear that this sponsorship agreement does not involve anything to do with owning the football club - please do not confuse the two totally different arrangements.

"From STFC's perspective this could be a major step forward and one from which we can continue to grow the club.

"MYFC are providing �10,000 in funds which should greatly assist us in our quest to get promoted, and this partnership should also help the club to further move up the football pyramid.

"We would urge everyone to view it positively as the first few months of any relationship are crucial.

"The degree of success is really in our hands, and through engaging and providing up to date information we will not only promote the club but enhance the MYFC members experience from which we will gain additional support.

"We would also like to thank Slough Town Supporters Trust for their continual support of the football club, not just financially but also for their help at home games, support of the Uunder-18's and their representation on the STFC Committee." **PICK up a copy of the Observer, out every Friday, for all the latest sports new and action** **FOLLOW the Observer on Twitter @Observer_sports**