BURNHAM Football Club supporters have leaped to the defence of chairman Gary Reeves following criticism from other disgruntled Blues fans.

A number of Blues followers have written to the Observer in recent weeks to express concerns about their beloved club.

There were claims that Reeves has mis-managed Burnham with Blues "embarrassing" and "dragged into the gutter" under his stewardship.

One fan even hit out at criticism from Reeves against the Football Association [FA] for not granting the club a reprieve from relegation.

Luther Blissett is first team coach and head of youth development at The Gore. He labelled the fans' outburst as a "disgrace" and suggested Reeves had "saved this club from going under completely".

And now other supporters have backed the Burnham chairman, insisting the concerns are based on totally incorrect information and instead want Blues' fan base to be fully behind the new management and team.

Mrs Dot Snelling wrote in to the Observer and said: "It's always wise to make yourself 100 per-cent aware of the correct facts before you criticise the chairman for events you say were totally down to him.

"Maybe you believe you should have been personally involved in; the running of the club, the inclusion of yourselves in meetings at Wembley with the FA, the appointment of new managers, and the long term plans for the guaranteed future of the club.

"Gary has the total backing of everyone currently involved with the club, from board members to ball boys and everyone in between.

"The true facts are known by superior and knowledgeable staff.

Slough Observer:

PHOTO: (l-r) Blues' first team coach Luther Blissett, chairman Gary Reeves, and new manager Gifton Noel-Williams.

"The whole article in the paper is based on totally incorrect supplied information and is extremely malicious towards Gary.

"I respect people have their own personal views, so maybe it would be nice to make yourselves known to Burnham staff, so your views can be discussed. I am sure the staff and Burnham will be pleased to see you."

Andrew is a season-ticket holder at The Gore and posted an online response. He said: "We are all disappointed with the start [to the season] the team has made and I have been as critical as any about performances, but criticism of the chairman is a bit over the top.

"Running a club like Burnham in a village - and in all the years I have been supporting it - has been difficult to get a large support.

"It must be like sliding down a financial razor blade.

"Any non-league club struggles to find the cash, and maintaining a team at Southern Premier Division level is not cheap.

"Painful though it is, it is important that the club builds for the future, and we have had times when it has been difficult to keep the cash flow coming in.

"In my view, Gary has been doing his best to ensure we are viable as a club.

"Let's now get behind the team, and the new manager and directors, and try to work our way out of the position we are now in.

"As a Burnham season-ticket holder I have an investment to support."

Burnham have now appointed Gifton Noel-Williams as new manager, and he lost his first match in charge on Saturday, 6-3 at home against Longlevens.

The Blues travel to Royal Wootton Bassett Town in the Hellenic Premier Division this Saturday (3pm).

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