SLOUGH boxing sensation John Brennan is targeting a Celtic title in 2017 after marking his return to the ring with a win on Saturday.

“The Don” has already spoken of his new-found love for the sport following a split with Jim Evans and the decision to link up with Joe Pyle.

The super welterweight made his comeback on the undercard at Tolworth III with a points win against Northern Irishman, Casey Blair.

His opponent had not won in 17 fights dating back to November 2014 but Brennan, 31, is still on an upward curve and he has set his sights on bigger and better things.

“There are a lot more positives from this fight than the last couple so I’m really happy,” he told the Observer. “I boxed to instruction and made it easy on myself at times.

“I had a longer reach so manoeuvred him around and caught him walking onto a few shots.

“I’m not won one to blow my own trumpet but felt comfortable and won every round. I really enjoyed it.

“The instructions from the corner men were precise and clear. They were not over-excited and I knew what I needed to do.

“There was no gameplan to stick to as such but we started to put into place what we had been working on in the gym.”

Brennan beat Blair 40-37 over four rounds of three minutes in Tolworth and he could box again before the end of the year.

“My manager is looking at one more fight before the end of the year then going for the Celtic title, so the only way is up.

“The Southern Area title is a bit tied up at the moment so this is another avenue to explore and it makes sense to do it.

“It will give me a good ranking and with my surname, Brennan, it would be a good title to have because of my roots.”

The Celtic super welterweight title has been vacant since July 2005 when Colin McNeil beat Taz Jones on points in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Brennan would like to thank his sponsors AWCi, Lanz Group, Manor Environment , Europlant, K and S Signs, Johns Boats and Sitewatch UK.

NAYLOR BALL was awarded his professional boxing licence this week having signed a pro deal with Frank Warren in October.