SLOUGH boxing sensation John Brennan will leave no stone un-turned in his bid to become a Southern Area champion.

Brennan, 31, challenges Asinia Byfield for the super welterweight crown at York Hall in London on Saturday February 18.

The Don completed a hat-trick of wins when beating Casey Blair in Tolworth back in October but, knowing a Southern Area title would be the biggest achievement of his professional career, he has taken every measure to ensure he is ready for Byfield.

“I’ve met Asinia and he seems a nice enough guy but he’s in the way of what I want and I intend to take it,” Brennan explained to the Observer.

“I feel good and my training has been spot on. The weight has come off really easy, probably more so than before because I’ve been training really hard.

“We have been sparring with some unbeaten guys from a gym in Esher just to make sure that we’ve covered every base.

“Usually I don’t take any notice of other fighters but we’ve taken a different approach for two reasons. First, because it is over 10 rounds and secondly it’s a different level of fight. We’re challenging the champion for his title.

“We have to make sure I’m fit enough and got our tactics right. We’ve been working on a few things and hopefully they pay dividends in the fight and I come good.”

Slough Observer:

PHOTO: John 'The Don' Brennan, left, en-route to his most recent win in Tolworth last October.

He continued: “The most important thing is that I’ve been getting better with each fight. My body is telling me that and you can see it in the gym and on the pads, everything is coming to fruition at the right time.

“If you go into a fight with any doubts you’re already a round behind, but I am safe in the knowledge that I’m at my best and left no stone unturned.”

The Don is unbeaten in his two previous fights at York Hall and, should that record continue and he win the title, he believes new doors will open for the future.

“To win means everything,” said Brennan. “New opportunities and doors will open up for me.

“It will improve my ranking and people will come to me cap-in-hand.

“It will be the best achievement of my professional career and I will come a commodity. It will do my career the world of good.

“Asinia has got a good record and will not want to lose on his own promoters show, but I don’t intend to go home empty-handed.”

Byfield, 27 and from Reading, has won 11 and lost 1 of his 12 career fights.

He was last seen boxing to win the Southern Area title against Erick Ochieng back in October.

Brennan would like to thank his sponsors AWCI.

Tickets are available for the show from £35. To order call Brennan on 07930 048725.