SLOUGH JETS head coach Tony Milton has explained the decision not to play their final National Ice Hockey League Cup fixture of the season.

Slough were due to host Cardiff Fire South on Friday but opted not to fulfil the game, meaning a 0-0 draw was awarded.

Milton told the Observer the delay to the temporary rink has resulted in a fixture pile-up and a decision to sacrifice the cup was made for the good of the club.

“We’ve got a fixture congestion at the club, both senior and junior, because of issues with the rink over the last few months, where we anticipated to re-start the season and when we actually did.

“The league set a date when the season must be finished to plan for the play-offs. Every age group has play-offs and we could not fit in all the fixtures.

“We sacrificed the cup because I don’t want any kids to miss out because we (the senior team) are hogging the ice time.

“We want the kids to grow and develop into the first team.”

However, Milton insisted the club is past its problems and he is looking forward to the future.

“If you look around, there are plenty of other clubs closing down, so I’m proud we’ve rode out the most difficult part in our history,” he said.

“Clubs up and down the country are closing down or about to go through problems, so I’m just pleased we’ve come through ours.

“It’s been a very difficult season but I’m just pleased we’ve managed to come out still going as a club. We got battered and bruised but Slough Jets is alive and well and we live to fight another day.”

Slough host Peterborough Islanders this Saturday (6.15pm) after a 5-0 defeat at national league runners-up Chelmsford Warriors on Saturday.

Milton said: "We've got a major injury crisis at the moment and it has taken its toll. We're only taking two lines to the game and the guys are running out of steam.

"We're still not fully fit and the guys are running out of steam in the final period. The more you get tired the more goals the opposition score.

"It's just one of those things at the moment.

We're trying to put together a side to be competitive. The guys are trying hard so we can only do our best and play with what we've got."