MATTHEW Lench hopes that Slough Town can make home advantage count when they host Rochdale in the FA Cup second round this December.

The Rebels relished in the opportunity to be underdogs in the 6-0 win away at Gainsborough Trinity in the first round, and they will be in a similar position when League One Rochdale come to Arbour Park.

Lench, who scored a hat-trick in the win at Gainsborough, admits he would have preferred a lower-league club in the draw, but believes the chance to play in front of a sold-out Arbour Park will be an incredible experience and he hopes there is every opportunity of another upset.

Speaking to the Observer after the draw was made, the Rebels star said: “I would have preferred a team in a lower league, maybe I was in the minority there, just to really give us the best opportunity to get through to the biggest game of all against one of the Premier League teams.

“Rochdale will be a really good side but to have them at home gives us an opportunity that maybe we wouldn’t have had if we went away.

“We went to Gainsborough on Saturday as the underdog and we came out on top really well.

“It’s a position we like but something we’re not so used to in the league at the moment.

“But, we will enjoy the opportunity that we’ve been given now and just try to make the most of it really.”

The midfielder continued: “It would be an incredible experience to play in front of a sold out stadium and one I’ve never had before.

“It’s going into the unknown in many respects but lets hope it gets the best out of us all and we can really make the most of the occasion.

“Rochdale will not know much about Slough and for them it will be going into the unknown a little bit. They will have to play on a 4G pitch, which again they will not be used to, so there’s every opportunity of an upset to be honest.

“We will certainly be going in with that attitude and try to make the most of our home tie really.”

Looking back on the win at Gainsborough, Lench said: “When the final whistle went and we had gone through I knew it was a big moment to get into the second round of the FA Cup, but it didn’t quite hit me how big a moment it was really.

"When I got back to the changing room I had nearly 300 notifications on my phone and let me tell you that's not something that happens very often so I recognised the gravity of it at that point.

"Ever since then there has just been so much praise thrown the way of Slough and rightly so because it really was a team effort.

"I know a lot has been made of me scoring a hat-trick and, I know it sounds like a cliche, but it really was a team effort.. Everyone did the right things and it fell into place. Luckily a few of the goals came off my boot."

He added: "This is the furthest I've gone in the FA Cup. Before this year I had only got to the fourth qualifying round so it really has been a great experience. It's not something that happens often.

"You watch these Premier League players and they come into the third round and often it's not betrayed as a big game, but for us to get into the first, second or third round is just a once in a lifetime experience.

"It's a massive thing financially for the club. At non-league level that is what really matters to keep these places going."

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