DANIEL Gaut has been warned he will have to improve in order to defend his PowerBox Promotions heavyweight title in Uxbridge on Saturday, December 9.

Gaut, 30, will be in the biggest fight of his career when he headlines the Battle Ground show against number one contender Fidel Asudi.

The unbeaten Slough star believes he will make a successful defence of the title and his trainer Stanlee Wilson is confident Gaut is now a better boxer.

However, Wilson, whose own career flourished under Gary Banks, the man to train Asudi, knows the champion will have to be on top of his game come fight night.

VIDEO: Daniel Gaut speaks with Slough Observer ahead of his PowerBox Promotions heavyweight title defence.

Wilson told the Observer: “Since Dan won the title I’ve had him working on his foot movement. He’s very flat-footed so we’ve got him moving about and working on his jab a little better on the pads.

“I used to train with his opponent, and Gary was my coach for six or seven years, so I know how hard Fidel has been put through his paces. It’s just up to me to replicate that for Dan and make him work just as hard.

“Dan is a better boxer than when he won the title and he will still need to improve to beat Fidel.

“Although Fidel is a lot shorter and lighter, he is very powerful and he’s coming from a good pedigree of fighters from his camp.

“I worked with Gary for many years and won all my titles under him, so I know how good he is and his intensity when it comes to training.

“I know we will be on our top game to win the fight which I have no doubt that we will do.”

Brian Orr is also involved with the training of Gaut and added: “We’ve been working on speed, power of punch and movement.

“Dan was always a bit stiff in his other fights so we’ve just tried to get him moving more fluent and bringing up his speed and power.

“It’s now just about bringing precision into what we’re doing, just getting ready to peak.”

Champion Gaut said: “Everything has been going well and I’ve been working really hard.

“I helped Mark Alexander in his last camp so I was fairly fit before starting this one. Now all the hard work is starting to pay off and I’m really starting to get into my grove.

“I’ve kept everything the same apart from lifting a lot more weights. I’ve come down to Active8 Gym, training with Mark to try and increase my explosive power and strength.

“Other than that I’ve kept to my running and the sessions with Stanlee and Brian, so it’s going really well.

“We don’t start thinking about strategies for another couple of weeks. I’m sure we will get together and go through things we want to work on for the night and get it firmly into my memory.

“Up until now it has just been about getting fit, working on combinations, throwing punches and going from there really.”

He added: “Normally before a fight I don’t feel any real confidence but for this one I really feel like I’m going to win. I’m looking forward to it and can’t wait to fight night now.”

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