THE Slough Synchro Club Allstars team have won gold in the senior B category at the British Championships in the National Skating Centre in Nottingham.

The Allstars scored a personal best with their long programme which took place on the second day of the competition. They finished with a higher overall score than at their previous competition in Cardiff in December, where they also took gold.

This is only their second season in the senior B category but they are hoping to move up to the senior category next year. With the right backing, the Allstars could challenge for a medal position and the chance to compete in the World Championships.

Moving from the much smaller temporary rink in Slough to the vast arena at the National Skating Centre was quite nerve-racking for all team members but especially for the elementary team (Dazzling), for whom this was only their second competition.

The team of 8-13 year olds performed well to finish with a personal best score and in ninth place in Great Britain.

The preliminary team (Magic) skated an Aladdin-themed number. This young and newly-formed team improved their performance in December at Cardiff by over five points at only their second outing in their current format.

The adult team (Illusion) has had an outstanding year so far. They started the competitive season with a convincing win in Cardiff in December and went on to score a personal best at the British Championships.

Despite juggling the demands of work and family life, the adults show tremendous dedication to the sport and have worked extremely hard to improve their skating skills, which was reflected in their scores.

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