FRONTLINE manager Imran Bhatti hopes that his side can now push on after a 4-3 win against Old Windsor on Saturday.

Lukman Hamad and Karim Aghbari both scored twice as Frontline secured a first win this season to move off the bottom of the East Berkshire Premier Division table.

Bhatti admits that injuries have meant things have not fallen into place for his team, but he still has hopes for a top-five finish this year.

He told the Observer: “The scoreline doesn’t reflect how the match was played and we should have been 4-1 ahead at half-time.

“Old Windsor pulled back two more goals in the last 10 minutes and we were hanging onto a vital three points.

“Conditions didn’t help both sides but we definitely deserved to win. We put in more work and I would have kicked everyone if we threw away two points.

“I’m delighted with the win and hopefully it will put us on the front foot to push on. Hopefully the win will give the boys a boost.”

Bhatti continued: “We have a team of talented individuals but we’ve not had the same line-up every week and that’s not what we needed this season.

“We’ve suffered from injuries and lost six players from the side that won the double last season. We’ve four long term injuries so they’re out for the year.

“We have a highly talented side but things have just not fallen into place, but we still have hopes for a top-five finish.

“When we came into the Premier League in September we thought there was only one team that could do anything and that was Langley.

“We lost 2-1 against Delaford with just nine players, so 100 per-cent we can still get a top-five finish.

"We want to create some space between us and the bottom but our goal difference has let us down really.

"We have a lot of young players with passion, but things have not fit into place and that has a lot to do with a lack of pre-season.

"We do have a lot of passion and character but it's just a case of getting everything into place."

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