STANLEE Wilson believes he is back to his best ahead of a fight with Tadas Digrys for the K1 heavyweight title in Maidenhead on Saturday, March 3.

Wilson, who turns 32 on Saturday, challenges for the title on the fifth BlackBeard Fight Series show at the Magnet Leisure Centre, and he admits it could be his last bid for gold.

He told the Observer: “I’m training at my best for the first time in a couple of years and this is the most fit I’ve ever been at this stage in a training camp.

“The few fights that I’ve lost before I didn’t train properly. I’ve had injuries but am not using them as an excuse.

“I got complacent and didn’t train as hard as I needed to. I thought I was better than everyone else, but will take nothing for granted now.

“I lost my last two title fights and am coming off the back of a loss in Coventry, so it’s pretty much I win or walk away.

“This is the last real chance I will have to fight for a title, so I have to take it seriously.

“I’ve trained twice a day for the last three weeks so there’s nothing to stop me from taking the title away.

“He will have to be very good to beat me because my head is in the right place and I’m training with the right people.

“Everything has fallen into place and I have no injuries. If he beats me it will just be because he is the better fighter.

"I know nothing about him other than he is a little taller and about the same weight.

"He has got a good kick but once I get a right hand over the top that lands on his chin he is going to sleep.

"There are no secrets about my gameplan, I am going to hit him hard and quick and put him to sleep."

In preparation for the title challenge, Slough-based Wilson will take on Mitch Austin in a charity boxing match in Perdiswell, Worcester on February 16.

Wilson said: "Mitchell is a friend of mine and comes to watch me in bare knuckle boxing.

"His original opponent pulled out so I said I would step in so he could have his fight and raise money.

"I am pretty sure one of his children had to go to Great Ormond Street Hospital at some point in their lives.

"Mitchell is a boxing fans and I think this is why he wants to do it.

"Mitchell is a sporting guy and involved with Kettering Football Club. He is generally pretty fit so it is two birds with one stone."

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