SLOUGH Town joint-boss Jon Underwood admits that further postponements this season will be a real challenge to their promotion push.

The Rebels saw their match at Biggleswade Town postponed on Tuesday due to a waterlogged pitch at the Carlsberg Stadium.

With the prospect of having to play twice in midweek an increasing possibility, Underwood told the Observer: “It’s really frustrating and hopefully the rain eases up.

“It doesn’t feel like it has been raining a lot, but the weather has still been bad enough for us to lose a lot of games.

“We’ve had some bad luck in terms of how the fixtures have panned out. We’ve had the wrong games on the wrong days and it feels like the fixtures have gone against us.

“We’re not far off having to play on Thursday nights so that will make promotion a real challenge. It will make things tougher but there’s nothing we can do about it because it’s out of our control.

“There’s no point in moaning when we’re losing our home games, like we did on Saturday. We’ve got to take control of the things that we can.

“It definitely puts us at a disadvantage but you can look at it in any number of ways. If we have to play a lot of games in April are motivation might be bigger than those that having nothing to play for.

“These things swing in roundabouts but physically it will be more demanding on the squad. It will put demands on the strength of the squad.”

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