KAILEB Appleton has beaten Jake Massey and Taylor Smith to become the 60kg junior Amateur Boxing Association champion.

Up first for Appleton, 15, was Massey from the The Ring Amateur Boxing Club (ABC) in Bracknell.

Massey was a strong and awkward fighter to tried to land big shots right from the opening bell.

However, Appleton fought fire with fire and was too sharp and strong throughout the fight and was awarded a points decision at the conclusion of the entertaining bout.

Appleton faced Smith from Hoddesdon ABC in the Home Counties final and standing at six-feet tall plus boxing out of a southpaw stance, he seemed a tricky opponent from the outset.

But, Appleton tore into his opponent from the opening bell with hurtful body shots plus big right hands and left hooks to the head.

It was not long before Smith was given a standing count after nearly going down from a big left hook.

Smith was overwhelmed and had points deducted for repeatedly spitting out his gumshield in an effort to gain relief from the Slough boxers relentless attack.

Slough Observer:

PHOTO: Kaileb Appleton (right) will now box in the quarter-finals in Slough on March 18.

He showed toughness to survive until the final bell where Appleton was awarded a unanimous decision and the Home Counties 60kg title.

Appleton will now box either George Liddard or Oscar Grey at the Singh Saba Sports Centre in the quarter-finals on March 18. It will be Appleton's first hometown fight since he made his debut over four years ago.

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